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Very Rare Rockefeller Pattern Egg Cup #437

A very rare and unusual form, this Chinese export porcelain chalice form egg cup is decorated in the equally rare Rockefeller Pattern. Noted for it’s rich, gilded foliate-patterned grounds, meticulous landscape reserves and finely painted Mandarin scenes, it is amazing to see that that level of detail was carried out in the decoration of a 2 3/4″ tall egg cup! Some evidence of a very minor restoration to the interior of the cup, most likely a small line sealed, otherwise, very good condition. Circa 1795. $1,400.00.


Very Fine Yongzheng Cockerel Tea Bowl & Saucer #4951

A lovely Chinese export porcelain Yongzheng period tea bowl and saucer, decorated in famille rose enamels with reserves of cockerels and flowering peony against a meticulously gilded cellwork ground. Thinly potted and finely enameled, and in very good condition. The saucer 4″ in diameter. Circa 1730. $1,950.00

Rare ‘Peter the Great’ Plates #4973

One of the better known European subject plates in Chinese export porcelain, this rare and interesting pattern is said to depict Peter the Great of Russia’s journey to Europe in the early 18th century. He insisted on traveling incognito, and in the Netherlands actually lived amongst the workers in the shipyards to better understand their craft. And so we have here, a not-very-incognito Peter wearing a crown and towering in scale over the commoners on the riverbank, a European-style city in the background. In addition to the great story and colorful image, please note the lace-like effect on the meticulously rendered bianco-sopra-bianco borders. Both measuring 9″ in diameter and in good condition with the exception of small rim chips filled on the reverse and very minor stacking wear. Circa 1740. $3,600.00 each.

Yongzheng Famille Rose Tea Bowl & Saucer #4959A

With the quality of potting and porcelain and the attention to detail one can expect from the Yongzheng period, this vibrantly enameled tea bowl and saucer, rendered in famille rose, is beautifully decorated with lotus blossoms against a diapered ground. The saucer measuring 4″ in diameter and in very good condition. Circa 1730. $1,400.00.

Yongzheng Famille Rose Tea Bowl & Saucer#4959B

Beautifully rendered in famille rose enamels, this lovely Chinese export porcelain tea bowl and saucer is elegantly decorated with a scrolling foliate band of lotus blossoms, the bowl and saucer each edged with a “sampler” of borders of various soft colors and patterns with just the right amount of white space to balance and set off the design. The saucer measuring 4″in diameter. All in good condition. Circa 1730. $1,900.00.



Pair of European Scene Plates #4974 One SOLD

A beautiful pair of Qianlong period Chinese export porcelain plates decorated in famille rose enamels with a charming scene of a young gallant bowing to a lady reclining within a garden terrace, her bemused servant watching all from a window above, a European town lying in the distance. The rim decorated with a gilded, scrolling, rococo foliate border. One of the rarer and more desirable European scenes we have had judging from the collection of eminent dealer stickers on the reverse. 9″ in diameter. Very minor foot rim chip restored to the reverse of one, otherwise, excellent condition. Circa 1745-1750.

Yongzheng Teabowl and Saucer #4924 Sold

The Yongzheng period was one of superlative porcelain production and this very fine Chinese export teabowl and saucer bears this out. Exquisitely potted and decorated in rich famille rose enamels and gilding, this little gem is just a small masterpiece decorated with finely rendered images of ruyi scepters, archaic vessels, vases of peony and chargers of fruit. The enamels lay so proud of the surface they become another layer of appreciation when handling this fine object. In fantastic condition, the saucer measuring 4 1/2″ in diameter. Ex-Chait collections. Circa 1730.

Fine Pair of Yongzheng Dishes #4883

A wonderful pair of finely potted Yongzheng period porcelain dishes, decorated in famille rose enamels in the Chinese taste with a scene from the legend of the “Yang Family Warriors”. Great detail; note the grimacing faces on the warriors’ pink shields! The beautiful white porcelain strikes a perfect balance with this colorfully, detailed scene. Measuring 7 1/2″ in diameter, one with a 2″ piece out of the rim and restored, the other with rim line, otherwise fine condition. ¬†Circa 1730.

Outstanding Yongzheng Cockerel Teapot #4882

Another brilliant example of Chinese export Yongzheng period porcelain, this lovely little vessel is finely potted and beautifully decorated in famille rose enamels with images of cockerels and peonies, a very popular theme during this period. Lovely quality, very good condition with the exception of some very minor fritting about the edge of the cover. Approximately 3 1/2″ tall. Circa 1730.


Yongzheng Cockerel Tea Bowls and Saucers #4838

The fine quality one expects from the Yongzheng period with its thin potting and lovely famille rose enamels is exemplified here in these charming tea bowls and saucers, each centered with a strutting cockerel and surrounded by three open fans painted with peony blossoms which divide the space into a very graphic pattern. A pair with pink reserve fans, and a single with gilded reserve fans. Very good condition, the saucer measuring 4 1/4″ diameter, and illustrated in Howard’s Choice of the Private Trader. Circa 1735. ¬†$1100. ea