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Fine Kangxi “Friends of Winter” Plates #5035

A beautiful pair of Chinese export porcelain 9″ plates decorated in famille verte enamels and painted with a central image of the “Three Friends of Winter” featuring bamboo, pine and prunus, along with two other auspicious creatures; the crane and the deer. This design, very much in the Chinese taste, is then encircled by a lavish foliate and gilt detailed border. A line to each professionally sealed, and some glaze craquelure, otherwise in good condition. Circa 1700-1720. $3,200.00 the pair.

Rare Form Kangxi Famille Verte Ecuelle #5022

A very unusual form, this Chinese export porcelain covered dish, or ecuelle, was almost certainly modeled after a European silver form of the period, especially with its shaped handles resembling a porringer, but is decorated with thoroughly Chinese motifs of flowering peony and prunus, in lush famille verte enamels.  Condition: a 4″ line  to the base sealed and a small chip to the knop color filled, remarkably, the handles intact. 9 3/4″ across. Circa 1700-1710.     $3800.

Kangxi Famille Verte Oval Dish #4922 SOLD

Just a spectacular piece, both in form and decoration, this Chinese export porcelain footed, handled, oval serving dish is covered in a profusion of flora and fauna, all rendered in the famille verte palette. Raised upon small shaped feet, the handled dish is centered at the bottom with an exuberant image of “The Three Friends of Winter”, pine, prunus, and bamboo, symbols of resilience and steadfastness as the pine remains “ever” green, the bamboo bends with the wind, and the prunus is one of the first plants to flower in the early Spring. The masterful decoration continues on the sides, both inside and out, with beautiful vignettes of exotic birds amongst flowering branches of peony, prunus and lotus, the interior rimmed with a border of further flowers against reserves of butterflies. Measuring 3 3/4″ tall 8″ wide x 13″ long. Some restoration to one handle, otherwise very good condition. Ex-Chait Collection. Citca 1700-1720.




Kangxi Famille Verte Plate #4913 Sold

A fine Chinese export porcelain famille verte plate from the Kangxi period vibrantly decorated with a central image of an exotic bird amongst chrysanthemums beneath a willow and prunus, all within an aquatically-themed border with reserves of fish and crayfish against a stippled ground painted with lotus. Measuring 9 1/2″ in diameter, and in very good condition with the exception of a small line to the rim. Late Kangxi period, circa 1700-1710.  $1,550.00


Fine Kangxi 12 1/2″ Famille Verte Covered Jar #4921 Sold

A very handsome Chinese export porcelain Kangxi period covered jar decorated in the famille verte palette with alternating panels of various flowering branches and plants, each panel a small painting unto itself. Measuring an 12 1/2″ tall and surmounted by a finely carved and openwork hardwood cover. Very good condition. Circa 1700-1720.



Fine Pair of Kangxi Famille Verte Plates #4912

An elegant pair of Chinese export porcelain Kangxi period plates, decorated in the famille verte palette with a central scene of courtly ladies upon a flowered terrace outside of a garden wall with a moon window; willow and prunus spilling over the wall, and a peek through the window shows the garden court with a potted plant on a stand, all within a diapered border with peonies, with grasshoppers and butterflies in reserve. Measuring 9 1/2″ in diameter, and in good condition with only one line to the rim of one plate. Circa 1700-1710. $1,300.00 each.


Famille Verte of Plates #4912A ONE SOLD

A very elegant pair of Chinese export porcelain famille verte plates, each richly decorated with a scene with two courtly ladies upon a flowered terrace outside of a walled garden with a moon window, willow and prunus spilling over the wall, and a view within the window of a potted plant upon a stand, all within a peony and diapered border with reserves of butterflies and grasshoppers. Measuring 91/2″ in diameter and in good condition with the exception of slight enamel wear commensurate with age. Late Kangxi period, circa 1700-1710. ONE SOLD.


Exceptionally Rare Famille Verte Puzzle Jug Sold

A rather rare form indeed, this Chinese export porcelain late Kangxi period puzzle jug is modeled after a European form of the period. Decorated in famille verte enamels of hexagonal form finely painted with panels of flowering branches, Chinese landscapes and images of a scholar and his attendant, the elongated neck reticulated, ending with a mythological creature with a spout mouth. The interesting thing to note is that this was a popular enough form in Europe to order in Chinese porcelain, and the potter dutifully copied the form, but didn’t quite understand the function. So, we have a recognizable form, but one that doesn’t quite function as a true European, multi-spouted puzzle jug would, which makes it all the more interesting. Still, if anyone did try to pour from the purely decorative spout the liquid would spill out of the reticulated neck. Measuring 9 1/2″ tall and in good condition considering the fragility of the form; the handle appears to be an old porcelain replacement, the spout most likely was off at one point and re-stuck, its end restored, and the line around the base, where it meets the body, seems to have had chips restored.  Late Kangxi period, circa 1700-1720.



Beautiful 15 1/2″ Doucai Charger #4837

An especially fine Chinese export porcelain doucai charger decorated in the Chinese taste with a central scene of Mandarin ducks (symbols of marital bliss) swimming amongst lotus (symbols of purity), all within a very animated and detailed border of the Eight Daoist Immortals with their attributes, riding on the backs of sea creatures amongst swirling waves. Lovely enamels balanced against the white space of the porcelain making for a very pleasing design, and of an impressive size and in great condition. 15 1/2″ in diameter. Early 18th century.


Famille Verte Charger #4093

Large Famille Verte Platter

Kangxi famille verte charger painted in bold enamels, the border with 8 immortals with their attendants. Symbolizing immortality and long life. The mandarin ducks in central reserve represent marital fidelity as they mate for life. 14-1/4″ in diameter and in perfect condition.