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American Market Thomson Tureen and Stand #6053 Sold

An impressive and handsome Chinese export porcelain covered tureen and stand, made for the American market, with a Philadelphia connection; from a service having been ordered for Richard Renshaw Thomson, son of a prominent Philadelphia China trader, and himself a one time American consul to Canton. Very finely hand-rendered sepia Fitzhugh with gilded handles and finial, and bearing Thomson’s monogram. Measuring 11″ tall x 14″ across, and in very good condition. Truly a centerpiece for any American market collection or table. Circa 1820.

American Market Thomson Sauce Tureen #6054 SOLD

A beautiful example of Chinese export porcelain made for the American market, this piece, along with several others in our current collection, from a service of sepia Fitzhugh made for Richard Renshaw Thomson, son of a prominent Philadelphia China trader, and one time American consul to Canton. With finely hand-rendered Fitzhugh pattern, bearing Thomson’s monogram, and with gilded handles and finial. Measuring 6″ tall x 7 1/4″ wide. Circa 1820.

Classic Orange Fitzhugh American Eagle Plate #6060 SOLD

A great example of Chinese export eagle decorated ware for the American market, this vibrant Orange Fitzhugh-patterned  7 3/4″ plate is centered with a fine rendition of the American eagle based upon the Great Seal of the United States, supporting a striped shield, clutching the olive branch of peace and the arrows of war, the “E PLURIBUS UNUM” banner in his beak. Very good condition. Circa 1800-1810.


Thomson American Market Sepia Fitzhugh #6056

large and impressive Chinese export porcelain oval warming dish, finely hand-painted in the sepia Fitzhugh pattern and bearing a central roundel with the initials RRT for Richard Renshaw Thomson (1799-1824). Thomson was the son of a prominent Philadelphia China trader, Edward Thomson, serving as an agent on his father’s behalf, as well as American consul in Canton. Several services for this family exist and they are discussed in Philadelphia and the China Trade, pages 152-153. Accompanying this fine dish is a cover from one of those other services bearing the initials of a Richard’s brother, John Renshaw Thomson, who also served in Canton as consul, appointed by President Monroe. Both pieces are  in very good condition with only slight wear. Measuring 11 1/4″ x 16″.






Rare Green Fitzhugh Eagle Plate #6039

A rare and beautiful Chinese export porcelain plate made for the American market, centrally decorated with a nicely detailed sepia eagle, taken from the Great Seal of the United States, supporting a shield with the gilded initials AF, within a vibrant green Fitzhugh border.

Rare “Sample” Cup & Saucer #6010 Sold

A rather rare Chinese export porcelain coffee can and saucer, variously decorated with different types of border designs, obviously intended as a “sample” to demonstrate to customers in the West the capabilities of , and styles available from, the Chinese decorators in Canton. Interesting to note that the patterns being offered are mostly European in style. The saucer measuring 5 1/4″ in diameter and with two small rim pieces out re-stuck along with three small rim chips, all restored, otherwise, both pieces in good condition. Similar example at Historic Deerfield. Circa 1800-1820.


American Market Carrington Plates #s 6012, 6013 SOLD

Two very fine examples of Chinese export porcelain made for the American market with a direct association to one of the most prominent early New England China Traders. These plates are from a service made for Edward Carrington of Providence, Rhode Island (1775-1843). He was a hugely successful China Trade merchant, shipping magnate, and one time Consul to Canton from 1802-1810. His luxurious home still stands in Providence today, a testament to his status and wealth. Each plate measures 7 1/2″ in diameter and is centered with a patriotic American eagle with a halo of stars, the border elaborately decorated in a sepia and raspberry grapevine pattern. Illustrated in Schiffer’s China for America, page 128. One plate with very minor rim flakes and a small line to the reverse rim sealed, otherwise fine condition. Circa 1805.  Priced individually.

American Market Decatur Plate #6011 Sold

A Chinese export porcelain plate, made for the American market, from a service purportedly ordered for Stephen Decatur, naval hero of the War of 1812. Decorated in sepia and gilt and centered with the image of a ship under sail, the rim elegantly painted with a shell and seaweed border, most likely after English porcelain designs of the period. Measuring 7 1/2″ in diameter and other than a small rim chip restored, in very good condition. Circa 1815-1820.

American Market Reticulated Basket #5095 Sold

A beautiful example of the Sepia Fitzhugh pattern, this fine reticulated basket and stand were made for the American market, centered with the monogram RF from a service made for Rodney Fisher of Philadelphia (1798-1863). Fisher served as unofficial United States consul in Canton from 1825-1827, returned home, and later made a second trip to China living in the hongs of Canton. The basket measuring 10 1/2″ long x 9″ wide. The basket with one handle restored, otherwise basket and stand are in very good condition. Fisher is discussed on page 185 of Philadelphia and the China Trade. Circa 1820-25.