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American Market Reticulated Basket #5095 Sold

A beautiful example of the Sepia Fitzhugh pattern, this fine reticulated basket and stand were made for the American market, centered with the monogram RF from a service made for Rodney Fisher of Philadelphia (1798-1863). Fisher served as unofficial United States consul in Canton from 1825-1827, returned home, and later made a second trip to China living in the hongs of Canton. The basket measuring 10 1/2″ long x 9″ wide. The basket with one handle restored, otherwise basket and stand are in very good condition. Fisher is discussed on page 185 of Philadelphia and the China Trade. Circa 1820-25.


American Market Sauceboat & Stand #5096 Sold

A very attractive form, this Chinese export porcelain stap-handled sauceboat with its original lozenge-shaped stand is handpainted in the Sepia Fitzhugh pattern and bearing the initial H. Made for the American market, with the possibility of being ordered for one of two services: either for John Hone (1764-1832) of New York, or John Dandridge Henley (1781-1835) of Virginia. Other than some wear to the enamels on the stand, the pieces are in very good condition, measuring 7″ across. Circa 1820.

Great American Market Renshaw Platter and Mazzarene #5087

A wonderful example of Chinese export porcelain for the American market, this highly decorative Sepia Fitzhugh 16″ oval platter is magnificently handpainted and centered with the initials for Richard Renshaw Thomson (1799-1824) who was both agent for his father’s Philadelphia trading company, as well as American consul in Canton. Measuring 11″ x 16″ and in excellent condition. Circa 1820-24.

Extremely Rare Chew Family of Philadelphia Tea Bowl & Saucer #5010

A very rare example of Chinese export porcelain in the Neo-classical taste made for a prominent American family, the Chew family of Philadelphia. A tea and coffee service in this pattern was most likely ordered by Benjamin Chew, Jr., from his nephew Benjamin Chew Wilcocks in China, and is truly a one-off, ordered in the latest, most fashionable neo-classical taste. It features classical sepia figures and objects against a brilliant yellow ground with gilt highlights (yellow being a difficult color to fire). Slight re-touch to the enamels, but otherwise very good condition. Illustrated and discussed in Philadelphians and the China Trade, page 48.


American Market/Rhode Island Eagle Teabowl & Saucer #5009

A fine example of Chinese export porcelain made for the American market, in this case Rhode Island, decorated with a version of the American eagle behind on oval reserve  with the gilded initials JF for John Brown Francis (1791-1864), at one time the state’s governor and then one of its U.S. Senators. The cup measuring 4 3/8″ in diameter, the saucer 6 1/4″, both pieces in good condition, slight re-touch to the gilding. Early 19th century.

Philadelphia/American Market Chew-Wilcox Dish #5024

One of the loveliest services made for the American market, this Chinese export porcelain 7 3/4″ pudding dish is richly decorated with a peach ground  border and roundel meticulously decorated with a sepia and gilded Regency-style border, the roundel centered with a rearing lion above a cranellated wall, the crest of the Chew-Wilcox family of Philadelphia, prominent China trade merchants of the early 19th century. The dish is in excellent condition and the service dates to circa 1810.    $1850.

Pieces from the Nicholas Brown, Jr. Dinner Service

En suite with our offering of a Nicholas Brown, Jr. part dinner service, we have several pieces from that group of fine American market Chinese export priced individually and comprising: 9 1/2″ dinner plates ($1,600.00 each); 6″ side plates ($550.00 each) and 7 1/2″ plates ($1,050.00 each). Beautiful overglaze blue enameled and gilded drape and shield within underglaze blue spearhead and lattice outer borders. All in excellent condition. Circa 1800.



Fine American Market Eagle Tea Pot #4667 Sold

A very handsome Chinese export porcelain drum tea pot with double strap handle made for the American market, centered with a sepia eagle based upon the Great Seal of the United States, with wings spread beneath a radiant star-filled halo, and holding a shield with a gilded rose. Very good condition with gilding refreshed. A classic example measuring 6″ x 10″. Ex-Elinor Gordon Collection. Circa 1800-1810. $1,500.00.


Rare American Market “Hope” Tea Pot #4991 Sold

A fine Chinese export porcelain drum teapot with a double strap handle, bearing a rare, and possibly unique, version of the image of Hope leaning upon her anchor, here, watching a departing American ship, flying two American flags, all under the wistful gilded inscription, “He is gone” rendered over head. The image appears front and back, the cover and shoulder each with simple overglaze blue and gilt wave border. Most likely a special order tea service as we’ve only seen one other example of this scene on a tea bowl and saucer. 6″ tall x 10″ wide. Good condition with only gilding refreshed. Circa 1800-1810.


Rare American Market Pots de Creme

A charming pair of Chinese export porcelain pots de creme made for the American market, each decorated with bands of  a rare apple green enamel with gilded details and centered with gilded floral sprigs. From a service made for the Russell family of Nantucket who settled on the island in the early 18th century and  married amongst the island’s elite with Starbucks, Macys and Barnards to name a few. This rare green color must have been difficult to produce as it only seems to appear on export wares for a brief period in the early 19th century. Each measuring approximately 3″ tall. One in very good condition, the other with a small chip to the underside of the cover and restoration to the handle. Circa 1800-1810. $1,450.00 the pair.