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Early Arita Plate #3987

A beautiful early Japanese Arita shaped 7-1/2″ plate with a barbed “chocolate” edge and a scrolling foliate vine decorating the cavetto surrounding a small, central glowerhead, all in underglaze blue. Circa 1700. Excellent condition.


Arita Tankard with Mounts #8913

A very interesting and rare survivor of the Dutch East India  Company’s involvement with the Japanese export trade.  Due to civil unrest in China during the 17th century, the kilns were shut down and the insatiable European demand for porcelain led to Dutch to trade with Japan to fill that need. Here we have a Japanese Arita tankard, made to imitate Chinese export porcelain, but with distinctly Japanese decorative motifs, all on a form that is decidedly European, based on Dutch and German stonewares of the period, all capped with a European pewter mount.  An amazing cross-cultural hybrid! Measuring 11″ tall to the thumb rest, and in good condition with the exception of restoration to the handle.  Circa 1680.

Unusual 18th Century Arita Dishes #9386

A fine pair of Japanese 18th century shaped Arita porcelain dishes decorated in underglaze blue with a finely delineated chocolate color rim, the interior featuring a dragon pursuing the pearl of wisdom, surrounded by a border featuring four reserves each with a rather animated little horseman galloping over a bridge and through a landscape. Measuring 8 3/4′ across. Very good condition.