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Set of 5 Hirado Dishes #4126

Set of Superb Hirado Dishes

A set of five Japanese Meiji Period Hirado dishes with pomegranate decoration. These dishes are decorated in the Nabashima style. Hirado, traditionally known for it’s fine white-bodied porcelain and refined blue and white decoration, took it to the next level with these dishes, the design in raised relief against the ground; even the rare potter’s mark in relief on the reverse. Measuring 7 1/2″ in diameter, excellent condition, and dating to the late 19th/early 20th century.


Fitzhugh Plate Seton #3482

Finely Painted Orange Fitzhugh Plate

8″ plate, one of four services made for Seton Family of England, a branch of the family having emigrated to America in the 18th century.


FitzHugh Shaped Dishes #3822

Pair of Rare Fitzhugh Shaped Dishes

A fine pair of Chinese Export porcelain shaped serving dishes in the Blue FitzHugh pattern. Measuring 8″ square, a great form in very good condition. Circa 1800-1810.


Renshaw Thomson Platter #3867

Richard John Renshaw Thomson American Market Platter

A very finely painted Chinese Export Sepia Fitzhugh 16″ oval platter made for the American Market, bearing the gilded initials for John Renshaw Thomson, appointed counsel to China in 1822. Very good condition.


American Market Platter #3922 SOLD

American Market Oval Platter

A very fine small oval platter in the Orange Fitzhugh pattern with American Eagle decoration, the eagle bearing a shield with the gilded script monogram “BLP” Circa 1810. Excellent condition.


Seton FitzHugh #3755

The Arms of Seton

An extremely fine grouping of Chinese export porcelain meticulously painted in the orange FitzHugh pattern and bearing the Arms of Seton quartering HAY, Circa 1810. One of four services ordered for the Seton family over the course of the 18th century, this one was made for Sir Alexander Seton, 5th Baronet, who was in the service of the West India Company. Superb, pristine condition, pieces priced individually.