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Certon Armorial Cups and Saucers #4087 sold

Armorial Cups and Saucers

A very well painted Chinese Export porcelain pair of handled cups and saucers made for the Dutch market. Bearing the Arms of Certon with ornnate rims of rococo shell, scroll and foliate motifs. Circa 1760, very good condition, the cup 3″ tall, the saucer is 5-1/4″ in diameter. Illustrated in Dr. Joachem Kroes’ Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch Market pp 338-339.


of MacDonald Armorial Pickle Dishes #4178 Sold

A charming and finely made pair of Chinese export porcelain armorial leaf-form pickle dishes bearing the Scottish Arms of MacDonald, most likely in accollee with that of Forbes. From a service made for Sir Alexander MacDonald, 9th baronet; the arms consisting of two shields with a crest beneath a tree from which a banner hangs with the family motto, all within an outer grapevine border and a second crest and banner centered at the top. It is amazing that the same attention to detail was applied in painting a          4 1/4″ long pickle dish as was applied to the grander forms of the service. One dish with a minute rim frit, otherwise very good condition. The armorial illustrated and discussed in Howard’s Chinese Armorial Porcelain,  Vol. I, page 279. Circa 1785.



Brilliant Blue and White Pair of Kangxi Vases #7036 sold

A really handsome pair of ovoid form covered Kangxi period porcelain vases, decorated in a brilliant underglaze blue with lotus and peony designs within lappet borders at both the shoulder and foot of each vase. The condition is as fine as the quality of the decoration and glaze. Measuring 9″ tall and dating to circa 1690.

Fine Pair of Armorial Crested Plates #6038 SOLD

A very handsome pair of Chinese export porcelain octagonal form dinner plates, hand-painted in a brilliant undeglaze blue with a classic Chinese landscape within a diapered cavetto with floral reserves, the rim with exquisitely rendered flowering sprigs and branches, the top centered with a family’s armorial crest of a seated hound. This pair obviously once part of a noble’s extensive dinner service, most likely the Arms of Proctor, the quality of the potting, the glaze and the meticulous painting suggest a date earlier rather than later in the 18th century. Measuring 8 3/4″ across, and in excellent condition. Illustrated in Howard’s Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Vol. II, page 128. Circa 1740.

Very fine Kangxi Silver-Mounted Jar #6089 SOLD

A lovely Chinese export porcelain Kangxi period jar, decorated in underglaze blue with ‘Long Elizas’, three courtly ladies taking their leisure, strolling and drinking tea in a garden, surmounted with a richly wrought silver mount collar and cover with foliate and scroll decoration, most likely of 19th century Dutch origin. Measuring 6 1/4″ tall and in very good condition. Ex-Elinor Gordon collection. Circa 1690.


Exquisite Transitional Period Ling Long Bowl #6036 SOLD

A mind-boggling tour-de-force of the potter’s art, this octagonal form Ling-Long or “Devil’s Work” bowl is fantastically decorated in underglaze blue with landscape roundels, alternating with roundels of precisely hand-cut latticework. In amazingly fine condition considering its age and delicacy, made in the Transitional period, circa 1740. A masterpiece to hold in one’s hand at 3 1/4″ across. Ex-Chait Collection.




Fine Hanbury Armorial Plate #4954

A very finely preserved Chinese export porcelain plate made for the English market, bearing the Arms of Hanbury in pretence with Comyn. John Hanbury, a Quaker, was known in London as the “Virginia Merchant” as he held vast tracts of lands in Maryland and Virginia, unfortunately, he also held the slaves that maintained these lands and sustained his fortune, earning him the animosity of his fellow Quakers. A very rich and impressive service for a “plain” Quaker, the large and dramatic arms centered on a plate edged with a finely detailed gilded grapevine border. Illustrated in Howard’s Chinese Armorial Porcelain, vol. I, page 235 . Excellent condition, measuring 9″ in diameter. Circa 1735.

Iconic Kangxi ‘Riot of Rotterdam’ Plate #7043

One of the best examples of this classic Kangxi piece we’ve ever handled, this Chinese export porcelain Kangxi period plate is decorated in underglaze blue with the rare image of the ‘Riot of Rotterdam’, the first European subject image on Chinese porcelain depicting a current event. Simply told, a local magistrate declared a rather severe verdict against some local miscreants, and the harshness of the penalty resulted in riots in Rotterdam where the populace razed the magistrate’s house (pictured here). This act of not-so-civil disobedience was so well-known that a medallion was struck commemorating the occurrence which was used as the basis for the design on the plate. Measuring 8″ in diameter, and in very good condition. Circa 1690.

RARE Japanese Arita VOC Charger #7042 SOLD

A superb example, in wonderful condition, of a 17th century Japanese Arita blue and white charger decorated with a design of phoenixes amongst branches of peaches and peony, centered with a roundel displaying the VOC emblem of the Dutch East India Company, the rim with alternating panels of stylized peony, prunus and bamboo in the kraakware style. It is hard to underestimate the power, wealth and influence of this far-reaching corporation that propelled the Netherlands into being a world financial superpower in the 17th century. Chargers such as these were most likely ordered for use by VOC officials while administering their empire in the Far East. This 12″ example in excellent condition. Late 17th century.


Generously Sized Mandarin Breakfast Cups #7212c

A very well-decorated pair of Chinese export porcelain breakfast cups, each animated with a band of finely detailed characters holding a flower blossom and standing in a lush garden of flowering plants and rock work,  all beneath a raspberry-colored diapered border. The generously sized handled cup after English forms of the period. Each measuring 2 7/8″high  x 5 3/*” across. 1 w/ small rim restoration  Circa 1820.     $375. pr.