A really brilliant pair of Chinese export porcelain plates in the ‘Palace Ware’ pattern, decorated in famille rose enamels with a central Mandarin scene depicting the famous scholar and calligrapher, Wang Xizhi at his desk on a garden terrace with an attendant and a visitor presenting a goose.  As the ancient story goes, the calligrapher thought the gestures and motions of a goose’s feet could give him endless inspiration to improve the ways of handling his writing brush. The supplicant offers the scholar the goose and asks in exchange a piece of Taoist calligraphy which he receives. The entire finely detailed scene is only equaled by the meticulously hand-rendered gilded diapered border with cloud reserves of sepia landscapes. This was some of the best quality export one could order at this period, circa 1795. Measuring 9 3/4″ in diameter and in very good condition.