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Pair Palace Ware Plates #7251 Sold

A really brilliant pair of Chinese export porcelain plates in the ‘Palace Ware’ pattern, decorated in famille rose enamels with a central Mandarin scene depicting the famous scholar and calligrapher, Wang Xizhi at his desk on a garden terrace with an attendant and a visitor presenting a goose.  As the ancient story goes, the calligrapher thought the gestures and motions of a goose’s feet could give him endless inspiration to improve the ways of handling his writing brush. The supplicant offers the scholar the goose and asks in exchange a piece of Taoist calligraphy which he receives. The entire finely detailed scene is only equaled by the meticulously hand-rendered gilded diapered border with cloud reserves of sepia landscapes. This was some of the best quality export one could order at this period, circa 1795. Measuring 9 3/4″ in diameter and in very good condition.


Handsome Blue Fitzhugh Compote #7258c

A very fine Chinese export porcelain shaped compote decorated in the Blue Fitzhugh pattern, the handsome and elegant form taken from  European forms of the period. 4 1/2″ x 12′ x 9″. Very good condition. Circa 1800-1820.


Kangxi Famille Verte Reticulated Shoe #7247

A very rare form indeed, this charming Chinese export porcelain shoe is finely decorated and glazed in famille verte enamels as well as being painstakingly reticulated, the openwork pattern cut by hand-what a tour-de-force of the potter’s art to achieve this little gem after the arduous firing process, not to mention surviving the three centuries that have elapsed since!  Measuring 2 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ and in amazingly fine condition. Kangxi period, circa 1700-1710.


Rare ‘Riot of Rotterdam’ Kangxi Plate #7256

This rare Kangxi period, Chinese export porcelain plate is decorated in underglaze blue with a scene from the famous and infamous ‘Riot of Rotterdam’ where the citizens of the Dutch city of Rotterdam, incensed by a brutally unfair punishment pronounced by their magistrate, ran riot and tore down the magistrate’s house! This act was actually commemorated in a cast medallion from which the plates (also special ordered to commemorate the event) were painted. This is the first European historical/political event ever to be produced on Chinese export porcelain. Measuring 8″ in diameter and in very good condition. Circa 1695-1700.


Pair of Very Fine Kangxi Famille Verte Libation Cups #7250

An exquisitely modeled pair of Chinese export porcelain Kangxi period famille verte libation cups, whimsically decorated with figures of dragons at the handle and spout. With only a short sealed line and minor frits and edge losses restored, these charming little pieces of a sculpture are in otherwise good condition, measuring 2 1/4″ x 4 1/2″  and dating to circa 1700-1720.


American Market ‘Hope’ Tea Bowl and Saucer #7257c

An especially finely painted Chinese export porcelain tea bowl and saucer made for the American market, each piece decorated with a figure of HOPE  and her anchor within an ermine-mantled shield. Most likely made for a prominent merchant or sea captain from the rather maritime state of Rhode Island whose state seal depicts the same figure. Very small frit to the rim of the tea bowl, otherwise both pieces in excellent condition. The saucer measuring 5 1/2″ in diameter, the tea bowl 2″ tall. From a very prominent collection of China Trade American market porcelain. Circa 1790-1800.



Beautiful SETON Armorial Compote #7260

A very elegant form, this beautifully enameled Chinese export porcelain armorial compote is decorated in famille rose enamels with Mandarin scenes in reserve against a background of flowers and butterflies, the same motifs filling a rim border that is centered at each crest with a finely detailed armorial roundel bearing the Arms of Seton. This is the fourth of five services made for this family, most likely ordered by one of the brothers of Sir Henry John Seton, 6th Baronet, who were all involved with the British East India Company. Sir John Henry served in the Peninsular War and was a Groom-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria.  Measuring 6 1/2″ tall x 13″ x 7″ and in very good condition with the exception of minor wear to the gilding. The interior scene especially beautifully rendered. Discussed in Howard’s Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Vol. II, page 674. Circa 1820.

Fine Kangxi Bowl with Presidential Provenance #7228

A strikingly fine Kangxi period Chinese export porcelain blue and white molded bowl with a barbed edge, with a luminous glaze over the intensely cobalt blue decoration depicting a dragon chasing the flaming pearl above a lower register of lotus petal panels each individually painted with waves and foliate decoration, The interior just as interesting with a carp rising from the waves a cloud emanating from his mouth containing another dragon image, the rim border continuing the wave and floral motif of the exterior panels. Measuring 8″ in diameter and in good condition with a professional restoration to a U-shaped piece out of the rim with a short associated line. Circa 1690 and with a history of ownership by President Herbert Hoover.


Brilliant PAIR of Reticulated Chestnut Baskets #7259

A really refined pair of Chinese export porcelain reticulated covered chestnut baskets, decorated in famille rose enamels with gilded highlights with elegant floral bouquets and borders. The form and decoration almost certainly after European designs of the period, and the reticulation, painstakingly hand cut from the leather hard clay before firing. It is amazing that these fine pieces survived intact with their original undertrays. Excellent condition, measuring 6 1/2″ tall, the undertrays 9 1/2″ across. Circa 1780-1790.