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Individual Items From Maitland Service SOLD

Individual Pieces of the Maitland Service.

A fine Chinese Export porcelain armorial dinner service made for the English market.  Bearing the Arms of Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale (1759-1839), a noted statesman and politician and very controversial social and political critic of his time.  He criticized the clergy, condemned slavery and was an ardent supporter of the French Revolution. Motto translates to “Wisdom and Courage”.

Each piece of this service is decorated with the Maitland coat of arms with an underglaze blue and gilded Nanking-style spear head border.  Circa 1790. See Howards Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Vol II p.563.

  • Plates
  • Soups
  • Barrel Tea Pot
  • Covered Sugar
  • Two Gravy Boats and Undertrays
  • Covered Vegetable Dish
  • Large Saucer Dishes
Fine New York Cups and Saucers #4210 ONE REMAINING

Arms of New York Cups and Saucers

Fine tea bowls and saucers with the arms of the state of New York depicting Justice and Liberty and the shield of the new country. There were several versions of this pattern ordered, but these are the best examples for the quality of painting and execution of the design.  They hail from the Helena Woolworth McCann Collection. See D. S. Howard, New York and the China Trade where similar examples are illustrated. Circa 1790.

Sepia Mandarin Salad Plates #4219 SOLD

Pair of Sepia Mandarin Plates

From a special order Chinese Export dinner service, these handsome soup plates are fascinating in their detail and color palette.  The central Mandarin scenes are all different, highly detailed, and rendered in sepia.  They reside within a complex border design of alternating panels depicting richly enameled dragons, Chinese peasants in a landscape, Mandarin ducks and sepia river views.  These fine pieces date to circa 1820.  Other examples of this extraordinary service are also available.


Wanli Blue and White Plate #4215 SOLD

A fine early Chinese Export Wanli/Transitional Period plate decorated with underglaze blue, the center with a peony, “the queen of the flowers”, the cavetto with double coins and the rim with a meandering vine border.  Measuring 8″ in diameter, Ex CrosbyForbes Collection, circa 1620-40.


American Eagle Coffee Pot SOLD #4223

Eagle Coffee Pot

A wonderful example of Chinese Export porcelain for the American Market, this handsome lighthouse coffee pot bears an eagle with a shield depicting an anchor (the emblem of Hope) with a banner in its beak reading “In God We Hope” and clutching the trumpet of Fame in one talon.  This is a rather singular design and only three services are known with this specific eagle, one of which was made for John Jay, circa 1815.  See Schiffer, China for America, page 122.  10 1/2″ tall, very good condition. A great example of the patriotism displayed during the early years of our Republic.


Anhalt Platter #4088

Large Anhalt Platter

A stunning and important armorial platter with the arms of Anhalt Christian Auguste and Johanna Elizabeth parents of Catherine the Great of Russia. Formally in the Helena Woolworth McCann Collection and the Toledo Museum of Art. Circa 1750, 17″ across.


Moses Brown Helmet Creamer SOLD #4224

Moses Brown Helmet Creamer

An especially interesting example of Chinese Export porcelain for the American Market, this handsome helmet creamer bears an eagle decoration based upon the first official seal of the United States as adopted in 1782.  The eagle matches one on a punch bowl ordered by Henry Smith, a supercargo on the ship, George Washington, which sailed to Canton in 1794.  Presumably he ordered the tea set when he ordered the punch bowl.  See Schiffer, China for America, pages 111-112.  5″ tall.  Handle reattached, otherwise very good condition.


Catherine the Great Plate #4218 SOLD

Catherine the Great Plate

From a Chinese Export service ordered for Catherine the Great of Russia (ruled 1762-1796), this dinner plate displays the double eagle of the Russian Imperial arms with a shield depicting St. George and the Dragon.  The meandering ribbon and floral border resembles one on a Wedgwood service also owned by Catherine, suggesting that she probably ordered this one through the English East India Company.  See Howard and Ayers, China for the West, page 455.  Circa 1780-90.


Pair of Bough Pots #4226 SOLD

Rose Mandarin Bough Pots

Always a handsome and desirable form in Chinese Export, these fine bough pots are made even more exceptional by their high quality decoration and gilding and their especially superb condition.  Measuring 9″ tall and approximately 7″ square, and still with their original covers, they are beautifully painted with courtly Mandarin scenes and lavishly detailed floral borders against a gilded ground and fine, molded and gilded handles. Circa 1820.


Kangxi Charger #4161 SOLD

Kangxi Charger

A stunning 13-1/2″ Chinese Export charger painted with intense cobalt blues, so representative of the best quality Kangxi period porcelains. Decorated with a fascinating scene of a dancer performing for a royal or noble lady, accompanied by court musicians. Excellent condition and dating to circa 1690.