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Large Pair of Chinese Cockerels #4207 SOLD

A truly impressive pair of Chinese Export enameled porcelain cockerels each with iron red wattles and combs, their feathers depicted in brown, red, and blue, modeled atop black rockwork base, late 18th century. Great personality and a great size at 161/4 inches tall.


Yongzheng Tea Caddy #4220 SOLD

Yongzheng Tea Canister – A very charming baluster form Chinese Export famille rose covered tea canister with panels of flowering peonies against a ground of gilded diapering, all resting on a molded scrollwork base.  Measuring 5″ tall and in very good condition with the exception of one tiny piece of the scrolling base missing and a small glaze fill to finial.  Circa 1735.

Pair of Mandarin Soups #4113-2

Pair of Superb Mandarin Soup Plates – From a special order Chinese Export dinner service, these handsome soup plates are fascinating in their detail and color palette.  The central Mandarin scenes are all different, highly detailed, and rendered in sepia.  They reside within a complex border design of alternating panels depicting richly enameled dragons, Chinese peasants in a landscape, Mandarin ducks and sepia river views. Measuring 10″ in diameter, and in excellent condition, these fine pieces date to circa 1820.  Other examples of this extraordinary service are also available.


Yongzheng Plate #4230 SOLD

A truly lovely Chinese Export Yongzheng period plate decorated in a soft, sophisticated palette of early Famille Rose enamels; pinks, mint greens, and lavender, light blue and yellow help depict the central scene of a scholar riding upon a deer (the symbol of long life and wealth) with his attendant following with a pilgrim’s water gourd.  Measuring 9″ in diameter, very good condition with some re-touch to the diaper-work enamels.  Circa 1730.

Hongs of Canton Punch Bowl SOLD

Large Punch Bowl Depicting the Hongs at Canton

An extremely rare, meticulously rendered “HONGS of CANTON”  fourteen inch punch bowl, offering a unique and very animated glimpse into the world of the 18th century China Trader.  Since all foreigners were forbidden on Chinese soil, a twelve acre site was set aside at the port of Canton where each nation or its trading company was assigned a factory or ‘Hong’ with warehouses, offices and living quarters from which business could be conducted during the trading season. The various nations’ flags proudly fly in front of each hong; this bowl depicts Denmark, France, Imperial Austria, Sweden, England and Holland. Bowls such as these can be dated from architectural changes to the factories over the years and especially to the flags being displayed, America, for example didn’t establish contact with China until 1785, hence, this bowl can be dated prior to that, about 1780. This bowl is not only remarkable as a vivid historical record (examples are in major museum collections) but also, for its superb condition and superlative state of preservation as many extant Hong bowls have suffered damages and restorations


Mandarin Bough Pots #4234

Always a handsome and desirable form in Chinese Export, these fine bough pots are made even more exceptional by their high quality decoration and gilding and their especially superb condition.  Measuring 8-1/2″ tall and approximately 7″ square, and still with their original covers, they are beautifully painted with courtly Mandarin scenes and lavishly detailed floral borders against a gilded ground and fine, molded and gilded handles. Restoration to lid and corner. Circa 1820.


Hunt Bowl #4232

A beautifully enameled Chinese Export 10 inch punch bowl decorated with scenes of mounted hunters and their packs of hounds in pursuit of a fox – all taken from prints of the period. This bowl’s interior is finely painted with large roundel depicting a huntsman and his hounds. Qianlong.