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Rockefeller Reticulated Plates #297,292 Sold

A very beautiful pair of Chinese export porcelain reticulated 7 3/4″ plates finely decorated in the Rockefeller pattern with wonderfully detailed scenes of everyday life within a hand-cut reticulated border, edged in gilded scrollwork with minute landscape reserves. It should be noted that every scene depicted on this rather extensive service is unique, with no two alike. In very good condition. Circa 1795. Priced individually.

Hatcher Cargo ‘Ling-Long’ Bowls #5030 Sold

A very fine pair of Chinese export porcelain Transitional period ‘Ling-Long’ bowls from the famous Hatcher Cargo, in a miraculous state of preservation thanks to being buried in a shipwreck on the ocean floor for several centuries, the cargo of a sunken Chinese junk which sank in 1643. Amongst the large cargo recovered were examples of these Transitional period bowls, decorated in underglaze blue with charming landscape roundels alternating with panels of meticulously hand-cut reticulation (ling-long aptly meaning “Devil’s Work”). Both bowls in very good condition, retaining the original Hatcher Cargo sticker from the historic sale of these items hosted by Christies Amsterdam in 1984. Measuring 3 1/2″ in diameter and 2″ tall. Circa 1640.


Hatcher Cargo “Ling-Long’ Octagonal Bowls One Remaining#5031

Two very fine Chinese export porcelain octagonal ‘Ling-Long‘ or ‘Devil’s Work’ bowls, so called because of the technically difficult process of hand-cutting panels of reticulation into the piece when it is leather hard before firing. These handsome pieces are decorated in underglaze blue with alternating panels of variously patterned openwork, in wonderful condition, having resting in a shipwreck on the sea floor for several centuries (it sank in 1643) before being salvaged by Michael Hatcher in the 1980s and sold in Christies Amsterdam in the 1980s. Measuring 4 1/4″ across x 2 1/2″ high. Transitional period , Circa 1640.


“Baptism of Christ’ Plate and Charger SOLD

A fine Chinese export porcelain charger and plate decorated in iron red and gilding with a rare European subject depicting a biblical scene of the ‘Baptism of Christ’ with Christ and John the Baptist in a shallow river with the Holy Spirit rising above them, all rather naively drawn and within an elaborately bordered rim decorated with flying angels with Chinese faces and flowering baskets and branches and amongst scrolling  ribbons, a small tablet at the bottom notes the Chapter and Verse. The 9″ plate in good condition and the 11″ charger with restorations. Priced accordingly $1,800.00 and $750.00 respectiveley. Circa 1740-1750.

Charming Chinese Export Rabbit Figure #5036

A very charming and quite life like Chinese export porcelain figure of a recumbent rabbit chewing on a lettuce leaf. Beautifully molded and finely detailed. Measuring 7 1/2″ long, with restoration to both ears and the lettuce leaf, otherwise good condition and a great personality! 19th century.

Kangxi Armorial Plates #5027

A rare early example of Chinese export armorial porcelain made for the Western Market, these fine plates are centered with the Arms of Heathcote impaling Parker quartering Venables and Carrier, with the crest centered at the top of the rim and a very refined border of dragons and phoenixes rendered in a soft underglaze blue- a border design popular and appearing on small group of special order armorial services from the 1720s, this being one of the earliest, circa 1720, the very end of the Kangxi reign. The service was made for Sir William Heathcote, created a baronet in 1733, a member of parliament for Buckingham from 1722 to 1727. Illustrated in Howard’s Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Volume I, page 217. 9″ in diameter and in excellent condition.

Rare Pronk Design ‘Plume’ Tea Bowl & Saucer #5032

An exquisitely fine Chinese export porcelain tea bowl and  saucer decorated in the rather rare’Plume’ pattern, most likely after designs commissioned for the Dutch East India  from Dutch artist Cornelius Pronk for the specific purpose of decoration of export wares. This pattern, centered with a robust baroque style plume in lavender enamel against a yellow lattice ground, the bowl and saucer both edged with a lappet border (another popular European design motif of the period). In very good condition, the tea bowl measuring 2 7/8″ in diameter, the saucer 4″ in diameter. Similar examples in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Circa 1740-1750.

Very Fine Pair of Kangxi Dragon Bowls #5017

An especially lovely pair of Chinese export porcelain flare-rimmed bowls decorated in underglaze blue; the exteriors painted with a well-detailed dragon and flaming pearl motif above a wave border, the interior continues with the sea theme, centered with a carp jumping from the waves within a roundel, the edge bordered with further waves and prunus. The reverse painted with a peony blossom within a double circle. 7 1/2″ in diameter. One with a chip to the interior of the foot rim as well as an old firing line. Otherwise, very good condition condition and accompanied by an original sales receipt from a shop in Kowloon from 1953. Kangxi period, circa 1690.     $3600. ea

PAIR of Chinese Imari Teapots #5019 SOLD

Twice as nice! This pair of Chinese export porcelain teapots are decorated in the Imari palette with exuberant flowering branches of peony and chrysanthemum with gilded highlights, the charming bulbous form topped with a prunus sprigged cover within a ruyi border. Measuring 4 1/4″ tall x 7 1/4″ wide and in very good condition, both bearing collection stickers from the Ralph M. Chait Galleries. Circa 1725.

Superb Kangxi Libation Cup #5023

A really fine example of Chinese export blanc-de-chine, this Kangxi period libation cup, after the revered rhinoceros horn form, is modeled with the traditional imagery of a deer, a dragon, a kylin, and a heron as well as pine and prunus, all in deep relief. Of larger than average size, measuring 3″ tall x 5 3/8″ across, it is in very good condition with only a restoration to one of the small flame-shaped pieces at the base. There is also an original small firing line on the bottom of the foot rim. A old collection sticker on the base reading: L. WANNIECK PARIS. Circa 1700.