A classic example of one of Cornelius Pronk’s designs rendered on Chinese export porcelain, this well-known Dame-au Parasol patterned plate is hand-painted with a central scene of a lady and her attendant holding an elaborate parasol, coming upon a group of water fowl within a floral cavetto and an outer rim with vignettes of ladies, attendants and waterfowl against a honeycomb patterned ground. The reverse whimsically painted with various insects.  The Dutch East India Company commissioned Pronk to create designs to be translated onto Chinese export porcelains. Plates like these are one of the few examples where we know the identity of the European artist whose designs influenced Chinese decoration. Measuring 9 1/4″ in diameter and in very good condition with only a minute 1/8″ glaze line to the rim. Circa 1745. $2,100.00