A very finely rendered Chinese export porcelain teapot depicting a classic 18th century scene of “The Sailor’s Farewell”.  Meticulously hand-painted en camaieu in shades of a rich raspberry enamel with a finely detailed and touching scene of a young lady clutching a departing sailor as he gestures to a ship in the harbor and his imminent departure onboard a three-masted ship in the harbor flying an American flag. The scene most likely after an English or European print of the period judging from the architecture in the background and around the lid, but the ship’s flag must have been changed to resemble an American flag in order for it to appeal to the American market. Measuring 5 3/4″ tall by 8″ wide.  A touching, charming scene with the bonus image of a rendering of an early American ship. Great early ‘make-do’ repair to the handle. Last quarter of the 18th century.