A truly fine example of Chinese export porcelain made for the American market, this tea bowl and saucer is hand-painted with a ship flying an American flag and bears the  gilded initials PH for Patrick Hayes (1770-1856) who received two sets of ciphered services from China in 1807.  Hayes visited China at least four times eventually becoming a captain and successful merchant in Philadelphia.  He was also a nephew and adopted heir of Commodore John Barry of Philadelphia, as well as being a member of the Order of the Society of Cincinnati.  This ship decoration is rare ; not only initialed, but with the longboat at the brigs stern but with smoke apparently from the ships cannons.  Discussed in Schiffer’s China for America p. 162 and in Mudge, Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade p. 194. The saucer measuring 5 3/4″ in diameter and with a faint hairline to the rim and the saucer and the tea bowl with a line in the bottom of the bowl.  Otherwise good condition with really fine ship renderings with proud, large flags. Circa 1800-1820.