A great example of special order Chinese export porcelain made for the American Market, this fine tea bowl and saucer are hand-painted with the Arms of New York with a shield supported by two maidens, one holding a pole with a Liberty cap, the other featured as Justice blindfolded with her sword and scales, the shield surmounted by an eagle uncaged. This example is specifically discussed and illustrated in Howard’s New York and the China Trade, page 93, along with a number of other versions. This appeared to be a popular design and was made in varying degrees of quality decoration ranging from simple shields with generic floral sprigs to more finely painted versions for bespoke services including family initials and monograms as we have here.  The saucer measuring 5 1/2″ in diameter, the tea bowl 3 1/2″, each rimmed with an overglaze blue and gilt star border, and in very good condition having come from a superb private collection, the owner only acquiring the best examples he could find-these pieces from Elinor Gordon. Circa 1805.  $1,250.00