A very intriguing Chinese porcelain scholar’s water dropper in the form of a man in front of rockwork holding a peach seated besides swirling water with spotted horse lunging out of the waves. Decorated in Famille Rose enamels, this piece would have formed part of the fittings of a scholar’s studio, a water dropper being necessary to dilute the powdered ink for his calligraphy.  As for the subject, all we can say is there is nothing done in Chinese art that doesn’t bear some symbolic meaning, and this piece has so far eluded us. But the legend, or myth, or symbolism would surely have been known to the person using the piece along with imparting some message or well wishes. Measuring 3″ x 4 1/2″ and in good condition and with a good provenance suggested by the stickers on the reverse.(hands with restoration)  Early Qianlong, circa 1740-1750.