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Rare Mt. Vernon 6″ Plate #7015 asold

A charming and rare Chinese export porcelain 6″ plate made for the American market centered with a sepia painted view of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon encircled within a simple vine and berry border against a peach colored ground. The scene most likely taken from a watercolor painting of the period which was later turned into an engraving by Samuel Seymour in 1803. All part of a cult of mourning and patriotic remembrance after Washington’s death in 1799. Discussed in Schiffer’s China for America, page 168. With a small chip and  1″ line to the reverse restored, otherwise in very good condition with a great image. Ex-Elinor Gordon collection.


Rare American Market Cider Jug with Early Naval History Connection #7063

A very fine Chinese export porcelain covered cider jug made for the American market with an early naval and maritime connection. One of two cider jugs (see Item #7064) made for Henry Eckford (1775-1832) a Scottish immigrant who became one of America’s finest shipbuilders and designers. Eckford trained with his uncle in Quebec before re-locating to New York in 1796 where he rapidly gained a reputation as a brilliant shipwright and organizer whose quality ships helped New York gain an ascendancy over Philadelphia as America’s leading port. He built ships for John Jacob Astor’s burgeoning trading empire and, during the War of 1812, he won a contract from the U.S. government to build ships on the Great Lakes. He prospered greatly and had a grand house in New York and when financial reversals struck, he rebuilt his fortunes by constructing a 26-gun corvette, sailing it to Constantinople, and selling it to Sultan Mahmud II for $150,000.00. He was a great favorite of the Sultan’s and gained further commissions from him before succumbing to cholera in 1832, his body returning to New York aboard the ship Henry Eckford.

This finely painted jug displays a roundel with the gilded monogram of Henry Eckford, alternating with famille rose bouquets, the rim and cover with elaborately gilded borders on an orange ground. Measuring 11″ tall and with a star crack to the bottom, a small line to the side of the body, and re-touch to the gilding, otherwise good condition. Circa 1805.

MORRIS of Philadelphia Berry Dish #7022 sold

A really finely rendered Chinese export porcelain berry dish made for the American market, decorated in the well-known Quaker Farmer pattern with a farmer and his cow and calf in a landscape, and with two goats reclining beneath a tree. Painted so exactingly in grisaille that it virtually resembles a transfer print. The pattern after a drawing by Mary Hollingsworth-Morris of Philadelphia-one of the only original designs for American market porcelain that we know of. With a tiny spot of stacking wear and a 1″ rim line sealed, otherwise very good condition. 6 1/4″ in diameter. Circa 1810.


American Market Pair of MORGAN Plates #7055

A very fine pair of Chinese export porcelain 7 1/2″ plates made for the American Market and bears the Arms of Morgan, from a service made for John Morgan of Hartford, CT. Carried back on the ship the Empress of China upon which Morgan’s nephew was ship’s carpenter. Very good condition. Circa 1784. Illustrated in Schiffer’s China for America, page 48.




Eagle Decorated Platter-Philadelphia Market #7016

A very handsome Chinese export porcelain 13″ oval platter made for American market as it was part of an extensive service made for prominent Philadelphia merchant John Jacob Ridgway (1768-1843) who was American Consul to Antwerp in the early 19th century. Centered with an early version of the American eagle taken from the Great Seal of the United States, the platter has three lines and two chips restored, otherwise in good condition and displaying beautifully. Early 19th century.


RARE Adams of Braintree Teapot #7020 sold

A fine Chinese export porcelain drum-shaped teapot with strap handles centered with a rare double heart motif and the gilded initials MA. From a service made for Mehitabel Adams (1760-1824), a member of the distinguished Adams family of Braintree, Massachusetts that provided our nation with some of its early patriots and presidents. To our knowledge, this charming double-heart motif is unique to this service of American market export. Measuring 5 1/2″ tall x 8″ wide. Illustrated and discussed in Elinor Gordon’s Collecting Chinese Export Porcelain, page 143. Circa 1800.



Rhode Island HOPE Cup and Saucer #7017 sold

A charming and rare Chinese export porcelain handled cup and saucer made for the American market, decorated with Rhode Island’s symbol of Hope leaning upon her anchor within an ermine mantled shield-the epitome of  classical Federal period taste. The saucer measuring 5 1/2″ in diameter, the cup 2 5/8″ tall. Both in very good condition and dating to circa 1795-1800. Ex-Elinor Gordon collection.


American Market Ship Tankard #7014 Sold

A rare decoration and a desirable size and form, this Chinese export porcelain strap handled tankard, made for the American market. It is very well painted with an image of a ship under full sail, proudly flying the colors of our new Republic. Measuring 5 1/4″ x 6″ and in very good condition.

American Market Eagle Tea Bowl #7030

A wonderfully rendered American eagle modeled from the Great Seal of the United States centers this charming Chinese export porcelain tea bowl made for the American market of the Federal period. The reverse side of the bowl is decorated with a blue and gold roundel  inscribed with the gilded monogram TAB-undoubtedly the patriotic first owner of this teaset who ordered it-as yest unidentified. There is a line sealed, but otherwise this nice piece of early Americana is in good condition. 3 1/2 in diameter.  Circa 1795-1800.


American Market Ship-Decorated Cup #7027 Sold

A charming Chinese export porcelain handled cup, made for the American market, decorated with a ship flying two American flags. Undoubtedly part of a tea and coffee service ordered by a proud ship’s captain or supercargo involved in the early China Trade. Good condition, measuring 2 1/2″ tall, and dating to circa 1800.