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Very Fine Pair of Kangxi Dragon Bowls #5017

An especially lovely pair of Chinese export porcelain flare-rimmed bowls decorated in underglaze blue; the exteriors painted with a well-detailed dragon and flaming pearl motif above a wave border, the interior continues with the sea theme, centered with a carp jumping from the waves within a roundel, the edge bordered with further waves and prunus. The reverse painted with a peony blossom within a double circle. 7 1/2″ in diameter. One with a chip to the interior of the foot rim as well as an old firing line. Otherwise, very good condition condition and accompanied by an original sales receipt from a shop in Kowloon from 1953. Kangxi period, circa 1690.     $3600. ea

PAIR of Chinese Imari Teapots #5019 SOLD

Twice as nice! This pair of Chinese export porcelain teapots are decorated in the Imari palette with exuberant flowering branches of peony and chrysanthemum with gilded highlights, the charming bulbous form topped with a prunus sprigged cover within a ruyi border. Measuring 4 1/4″ tall x 7 1/4″ wide and in very good condition, both bearing collection stickers from the Ralph M. Chait Galleries. Circa 1725.

Superb Kangxi Libation Cup #5023

A really fine example of Chinese export blanc-de-chine, this Kangxi period libation cup, after the revered rhinoceros horn form, is modeled with the traditional imagery of a deer, a dragon, a kylin, and a heron as well as pine and prunus, all in deep relief. Of larger than average size, measuring 3″ tall x 5 3/8″ across, it is in very good condition with only a restoration to one of the small flame-shaped pieces at the base. There is also an original small firing line on the bottom of the foot rim. A old collection sticker on the base reading: L. WANNIECK PARIS. Circa 1700.


Yongzheng Pomegranate Plates #5025 SOLD

A very striking and unusual pattern, these Chinese export porcelain Yongzheng period plates are centered with a colorful yellow pomegranate and branches of peony in famille rose enamels, within a cross-shaped reserve formed of pomegranate silhouettes, the border in underglaze blue with flowering vines. Measuring 8 1/4″ in diameter. One plate with two minor rim chips, the other with an even more inconsequential frit  and a small flake to the reverse, otherwise very good condition.  Circa 1725-1735.



Rockefeller Covered Dishes #321,#322 Sold

A truly dazzling pair of Chinese export porcelain covered dishes in the luxurious Rockefeller pattern with finely detailed Mandarin scenes in famille rose enamels against a rich ground of gilded foliate scrollwork, the knop of each cover modeled as a basket of flowers and fruit resting upon a molded leaf. No expense was spared in the creation of this special-order dinner service from the end of the 18th century. Measuring 11″ x 9″ x 5 1/4″ and in every good condition with the exception of minor re-touch to the gilding. Ex-Rochelle Thomas Collections.  Circa 1795.

7 5/8″Rockefeller Pattern Plate #293 SOLD

A  wonderful Chinese export porcelain reticulated plate in the iconic Rockefeller pattern, known for its highly detailed workmanship,superb gilding and imaginative Mandarin scenes-snapshots of Chinese life in the late 18th century. Here, a mother and child with their attendant are entertained by a street entertainer with a fantastical model of a Chinese dragon ship on a staff, note the busker’s drum about his neck. In very good condition, the hand-cut reticulation still, amazingly, intact. 7 5/8″ in diameter. Circa 1795.


Rockefeller Pattern Plate #291 SOLD

A very fine Chinese export porcelain reticulated plate in the famous Rockefeller pattern, decorated with the highly detailed Mandarin scene and finely rendered borders, reserves and gilding for which this pattern is so well known. A great terrace scene with a lady seated in a fantastical ‘rustic’ chair, with her attendants, one presenting a vase of flowers, the other watching over her children as they feed a pair of Mandarin ducks. Lovely quality and amazingly fine condition, measuring 7 1/2″ in diameter. Circa 1795.


14 1/2″Punch Bowl #5021 SOLD

A very handsome Chinese export porcelain punch bowl of impressive size made for the American market, decorated in sepia with the eagle from the Great Seal of the United States, with a radiant, star-studded halo behind him, and a monogrammed shield in front, bearing the initials “JHT” (at this point unidentified). The eagle appears on the front and the back, alternating with sepia landscape roundels encircled by gilded grapevine borders, another landscape centers the interior bottom of the bowl.  A great presence in this rare 14 1/2″ size, and in good condition with only a 3″ line professionally restored and re-touch to some of the gilding. Circa 1800.

Stunning Rockefeller Pattern Plate #0139 Sold

A truly striking example of a Chinese export porcelain plate decorated in the rare and much sought-after Rockefeller pattern. Noted for its meticulous painting-each piece has its own unique scene-and its elaborate gilded scrolling borders, these wares were from special order services and represent the best quality of the China Trade of the period. Measuring 9 7/8″in diameter and in very good condition,with slight re-touch to the gilding and a minute 1/8″ line to the reverse sealed. Circa 1795. $2,800.00


Rockefeller Basket & Undertray #403 sold

What a great form, combined with one of the most sought-after patterns of the China Trade! This charming reticulated basket and undertray is beautifully decorated in the Rockefeller Pattern with its finely wrought gilded border with landscape reserves, and detailed Mandarin scenes-each one always unique- the tray with an especially charming scene with a monkey, and one of the basket roundels features people gathered on a terrace around a large porcelain goldfish bowl. Amazingly good condition with no apparent restorations to either the reticulation or handles. The basket measuring 7″ across, the undertray 8 1/8″. $5,000.00